20 Questions That Make Consent Sexy.


There’s nothing hotter than enthusiastic consent— and it definitely doesn’t have to kill the
mood, despite what some may think.

Here are 20 questions that prove just how sexy consent can be…

1. Can I kiss you?
2. I’ve been wanting to kiss you the whole night, can I?
3. You can kiss me if you want…
4. Is this the part when we kiss?
5. Is this ok?
6. Is it ok if I touch you there?
7. Is it ok if I put my hand there?
8. Would you like it if I kissed you there?
9. Do you want me to use my mouth?
10. Nod if you want me to keep going…
11. Smile if you want me to keep going…
12. I love this bra…can I take it off?
13. What do you want me to do to you?
14. Tell me what you were thinking about when we first talked about having sex…is that what
you want me to do?
15. Where do you want me to touch you?
16. I love *insert activity* would that feel good?
17. What is your fantasy…do you want to try that?
18. Do you like when I do this to you *insert body part*?
19. Do you like this position?
20. (This one isn’t really a question) But make them beg for it! Turn any question into affirmative
consent by withholding whatever pleasurable activity is happening and then have your
partner beg for it to continue.

And remember, if your partner isn’t enjoying things as much as you are, stop and find out why—
“No” is a full sentence…and anything other than a “hell yes” means ‘no’.

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