Let’s Talk About Lube: All You Need To Know

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Sensuality is how in tune you are with your senses — sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. It opens up a powerful passageway to experience raw emotions. Accessing our sensual nature, allows us to feel more deeply connected to others and ourselves.

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While sensuality and sexuality may be used interchangeably, the two are very different. Sensual experiences do not necessarily have to lead to sexual ones. However, being in tune with your sensuality can heighten your sexual encounters.

Using personal lubricants in the bedroom can present some seriously exciting ways to explore your sensual side. Not only can lube make certain things possible (i.e. anal), it can also offer a huge range of sensations that can bring sexual play to the next level. About 70% of people have already tried incorporating lube into their love life. But before you become one of them — it’s important to have a basic understanding of how it works, when it can come in handy and what different formulas can do.

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To start — lube isn’t just a natural lubrication replacement — but rather, a vessel for endless exploration. Men of course, don’t produce any lubrication, and while most females are capable of doing so, it’s not always the case. In addition to making anal sex more comfortable and extending the longevity of marathon sessions, lube can be used in a variety of ways… a true sensuality enhancer.

Here are the most basic types of lube and great ways to use them.
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Water-based lube is the most common type of lube.

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Water-based lubricants

Water-based lube is the most common type of lube. It can be used for pretty much all of your sexual needs: penetration, masturbation and with toys. Water-based lubes are also ideal for sensitive skin and vaginal irritation and it’s the best option to use with condoms.

Pro tip* the fact that it’s water-based makes it the easiest to clean out of sheets and clothes.

“My boyfriend got me a bottle of SKYN Aqua Feel while on a road trip once, so now we just keep it in the car. Anytime we drive somewhere especially beautiful, we both usually feel compelled to use it. It’s a nice way to experience our surroundings in a new way and to create memories together that are just for us” says Jake, 33.

“WOW… It’s incredible”
Mila, 25

SKYN Excite is more than a water-based lubricant — it’s an orgasmic gel for her. It was specially designed and tested by women to maximize the female sexual experience. “Using SKYN Excite with my girlfriend was so intense…in a good way! You just have to gently massage it onto your clit… it takes a minute to kick in and then WOW… it’s incredible” says Mila, 25.

Boy and girl hands holding a SKYN All Night Long lubricant
Boy and girl hands holding a SKYN All Night Long lubricant


Silicone-based lube is slippery, long-lasting, and the best for longer sessions. “At gay play parties, there really aren’t many toys” says James, 22… “there’s lube, there are condoms, there are wipes, but generally, there’s just bodies. What you see is what you get. SKYN All Night Long is the only lube I bring.”

The ingredients in silicone-based lube require less to be applied and less reapplication. It’s also #1 for shower sex and shower masturbating, as the silicone is resistant to water.

Just remember, silicone-based lube shouldn’t be used on silicone sex toys, as it can break down the rubber over time. However, there are many toys that are made from other materials, like hard plastic, glass and steel, so this lube is still great for that!

SKYN lubricant in the jeans pocket of a boy kissing a girl
SKYN lubricant in the jeans pocket of a boy kissing a girl
“We use our favorite oil-based lube as massage oil and then what’s left for personal lubricant”
Camille, 29


Oil-based lube provides a slippery feel that stays on longer than water-based lubricant. Oil-based lubes are ideal for masturbation, penetrative unprotected sex and water play. “The best is when my boyfriend starts by giving me a luxurious massage and then eventually it turns into something more. We use our favorite oil-based lube as massage oil and then what’s left for personal lubricant… it’s super convenient” says Camilla, 29.

Oil-based lubricants (or other oil-based products, like coconut oil) should not be used with latex condoms. The oil dissolves the latex of the condom and can cause them to break.

  • Always better with Lube!

    Adding extra lubrication is a simple and easy way to make sex comfier and more pleasurable for everyone.

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  • SKYN Excite Gel — Packshot
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  • SKYN Oh Baby — Packshot
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