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  • “Felt like he wasn’t wearing anything at all. Plus, no rubbery latex smell.”
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  • “Putting this condom on opened my eyes to the non latex conforms. I mean wow. The heat transfer was the best I’ve ever had.”
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  • “I never enjoyed sex with a condom until now. The reviews aren’t lying when they say these are great.”
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*Trust us

Natural Feeling *

Made with a soft and thin material for ultimate sensitivity

This is why you’ll love it

This new generation of condom is made from SKYNFEEL®, a technologically advanced, non-latex material proven to enhance stimulation. It feels so soft and comfortable that you’ll barely notice wearing it, allowing you and your partner to really feel everything.

  • Original is so much better with…

    Adding extra lubrifications is a simple and easy way to make sex comfier and more pleasurable for everyone.

    Works better with
  • Long lasting, silicon based lube
  • 2 in 1 Massage gel
  • Sperm friendly lube

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